What is FIRM?

The term “Foreign Influence” is generally used to characterize a situation wherein an international entity (e.g., a sponsoring or collaborating institution, industry partner, donor, or other international entity with a direct or indirect relationship to the university) positions itself to gain access to the university’s Intellectual Property (IP) and/or export controlled information; or to covertly influence or steer the course of federally-funded research in a manner that benefits said foreign entity.

Foreign Influence Risk Management (FIRM) is FIU’s process for identifying and analyzing foreign influence risks, aligning those risks to the University’s strategic goals, developing a practical risk framework, and building practical processes and resources to successfully mitigate such risks.

​Both federal sponsors and the State of Florida have implemented multiple requirements related to the identification, review, and reporting of interactions that may result in inappropriate foreign influence.  

​To assist FIU faculty, staff, students, consultants, and other related entities, the Foreign Influence Task Force (led by the Office of University Compliance & Integrity and ORED) has put together a comprehensive resource center to facilitate compliance with both federal and state foreign influence requirements.  To find out more, click on one of the boxes below.

FIRM Topics:

Performing Research

Hiring Foreign National Employees

Sharing and Licensing Intellectual Property Commercialization

Insider Threat

Managing Conflicts of Interest & Commitment

International Travel

Managing Information Technology Risk

Inviting International Visitors

Export Controls & Foreign Influence

Receiving Gifts from Foreign Entities

Finance & Procurement Activities